Networking is the Foundation for Business Growth

Networking has proven to be one of the most effective ways to generate referrals and revenue growth.

82% of Business Owners say that most of their business comes from referrals. However, most don’t have a reliable way of getting referrals consistently.

BNI India offers a proven system of referral marketing that helps you grow your local business, through a trusted network of like-minded people that come together to help each other grow.

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Benefits of Joining BNI

Scale Your Business

Scale Your Business

A BNI membership is referral networking that works! Our core value of Givers Gain® brings members together to support each other’s business growth through providing qualified referrals and opportunities.

Visiting a chapter meeting is the best way to experience firsthand, the power of a trusted business network and learn how BNI could transform the future of your business by meeting quality business professionals in your local area.

Cultivate Business Relationships

Cultivate Business Relationships

We build trusted relationships. Your BNI Membership helps develop long-lasting business relationships built on a solid foundation of our time-tested core values.

Each member in your professional business network contributes to your success and you to theirs.

Become a Master Connector

Become a Master Connector

Become a Master

A BNI membership gives you access to mentors, networking experts, and a host of professional development resources through the BNI Business Builder platform, to enhance your skills and give you an edge over your competition.

Succeed Online and Offline

Three Ways to Experience BNI India


BNI In-Person

A very personal way to meet, connect and grow.


BNI Online

A convenient way to meet, connect and grow from the comfort of your home or office.


BNI Hybrid

The best of both. Meet in-person the first week of the month and the rest online.

What Our Members Have to Say

Today I would like to talk about the power of inviting visitors to chapter meetings. Mr. Jignesh Patel from BNI Alchemist invited his friend, an architect, for a chapter meeting. Within the next 24 Hours I met at her office. On 20/10/18 I received a call from her where she mentioned a site, City Palace, Udaipur, which needs termite treatment. In just 48 hours, I closed the job, and started work on 24/10/18. It’s like a dream come true.
Utsav Tanna
BNI Surat South| BNI Alchemist
I believe that ”Your Network is Your Networth” and that is my biggest success story! In life you make investments and earn. Similarly, I have earned and built business and personal contacts. I have gained knowledge and lessons which have improved my business and myself! My biggest gains: - 200+ Business Connections - Personality Development - Think Positive Attitude - Simple Yet Effective Techniques - Optimistic but Realistic Goals
Prateek Tosniwal
BNI Surat South | BNI Icon
Get invited to a BNI Meeting Online

BNI India is proud to announce that we have helped members generate over 20,257 crores of business in 2021-2022. A number of key initiatives over the last 12 months have helped produce these phenomenal results.


BNI ranked in the Top 3 of Forbes “6 Essential Local Small Business Associations You Should Belong To”

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